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Our Story

The Tapobrata Chakrabarti Memorial Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated a love of learning and commitment to their community.

                                  The Scholarship recognizes the life and legacy of Tapobrata Chakrabarti, past president of Prantik (1988-1990), and an active community member.  Mr. Chakrabarti was a civil engineer and vice president of his engineering 

                                  firm in Towson, MD, until his sudden passing in 1993.  Since then, his family, Indrani (wife), Arup (son), and Preetha (daughter) have sought to ensure that his legacy lives on, through their own community work, and by supporting 

                                  the continuance of and funding for the scholarship. There are two criteria to be eligible for the scholarship:

                                  1. The scholarship recipient's parents must be members of Prantik

                                  2. The recipient must submit a writing example for the Prantik annual magazine

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